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    To ensure the project is completed on time and on budget, a builder will send draw requests for labor and materials according to a draw schedule. The lender then disburses funds based on those draw requests and on confirmation of construction progress. But how does the lender confirm the progress?

    Lenders rely on a draw inspection to determine construction progress in order for funds to be released. Draw inspections help to mitigate risks inherent to construction projects through regular on-site inspections with experienced draw inspectors who become the eyes and ears for the lender on the job site.

    What are Draw Inspections?

    In a construction draw inspection, the lender hires an inspector to visit the construction site and assess progress. The inspector is looking to show where the project is in relation to the timeline that was set out, checking the accuracy compared to the original draw request, and reviewing the budget. They’re also likely to look at any stored materials kept on the site. 

    A construction lending best practice used by most lenders is ordering draw inspections to validate progress in conjunction with disbursing funds.  The simplest reason for draw inspections is to follow along with the builder so that both the project owner and the lender can ensure the loan proceeds are going into the collateral on the loan, and to identify progress concerns as early as possible.

    Why are Draw Inspections Important? 

    A draw inspection is important for a number of reasons, but essentially it ensures that all money on a construction loan is accounted for, it aids in protecting the lender and most of all it protects you! .

    • It lets the lender know where the project is compared to the timeline they were given. Most risk mitigation companies insist on funds being given out based on the results of these draw inspections because they want to ensure that there’s no more money tied up than is necessary for the project.
    • Draw inspections can also help track funds because the inspector has to account for every cost request and compare it to the on-site representation.
    • Inspections are also important to the builder in that they ensure they are receiving payment for work completed so that they have the funds to continue on to the next phase of construction.
    • Above all else, inspections are important for the project owner, to aid in the smooth and timely completion of the project.
  • Draw Inspection Fees by City or Town

          Poteau $150                           Van Burean $175                   Broken Bow $200

         Panama $150                          McAlrster $175                     Fayettville  $200

          Spiro  $150                             Eufala $175                           Springdale $200

    Pocola  $150                           Hartshorn $175                     Rogers $200

        Roland  $150                          Canadian $175                      Lowell $200     

    Muldrow  $150                        Checotah $175                     Haskell $200

        Fort Smith $150                      Mena $175                            Muskogee $200

        Stigler $150                            Stilwell $175                         Bella Vista $200

    Gore $150                              Westville $175                       Clayton $200

    Please Note if your town is not listed please call us at 918-208-1393 to verify the service area and get a quote 

    Also these fees are for residential homes up to 3000 Sq Feet. Please call for pricing on larger homes or Commercial buildings these prices are subject to change